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Memories that once moved me

The Light, the Photos
Books and Pictures
Smiles and Looks
Melodies and Silences
Scents and Flavours
Pain and Happiness
Caress and Feel
Travel and Live
To Die

All are motives to create


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    Distant Thoughts

    by Jonathan Green

    Jonathan Green has a passion for creating and collecting cross-cultural fine art representing the themes of work, love, belonging and spirituality.  He is also committed to promoting cross cultural arts to be included in mainstream museums throughout the United States and Europe.

    He has a drive to enhance the visibility, perceptions, and recognition of professional visual artists of African American, Caribbean, Latin American descent for their cultural contributions to this nation.  He strives to show such contributions as they are specifically noted in the use of the artists’ creations in the areas of education, health, performing arts, business, and the environment.


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